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Whether it’s exploring Brazil or discovering the wonders of Peru or the pyramids of Egypt, when the travel bug bites, you’ve just got to go and no one understand travel better than Qwest Destinations (Pvt.) Ltd.

The operators offer a plethora of guided and solo tours to just about all corners of the globe, taking away the stress and anxiety of planning a vacation individually.

Qwest Destinations sets itself apart by offering all the unique services a traveller would need and by being flexible in accommodating tailor-made packages for individuals, couples or large groups. Service quality is Qwest’s top priority at every turn.

We offer it all, the spiritual tours which cover the Holy Land, Rome and Lourdes Fatima to exotic holidays in Brazil during the Rio Carnival to Safaris in South Africa and Kenya, an east to west coast tour of America, culturally significant tours/cruises of Greece and Turkey or the ultimate tropical holiday in Hawaii.

Tour packages are all inclusive air fare, accommodation, twin sharing, meals, guided sightseeing tours and airport transfers.

Other services such as Visa assistance, Insurance and assistance is planning your own itinerary are also some of the other services we specialize in.

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Our Travel Consultants are all dedicated travelers in their own right who are committed to ensure that you have a vacation that is meaningful to you. With years of experience exploring the landscapes of Sri Lanka and an undying passion for travel they have expert knowledge on designing tours that are well beyond the scope of any guidebook.

They will work closely with you to understand your expectations and help you make the most out of your vacation. From arrival to departure, every detail will be anticipated and every effort made to ensure a seamless, unforgettable travel experience.
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