History of Sri Lanka

Proclaimed by world famous traveller Marco Polo as one of the best islands in the world, Sri Lanka has a history that dates back to 543 BC. The country was under the reign of many powerful monarchies for centuries, each contributing in tremendous ways towards creating a legacy of strength, perseverance and resilience that still inspires people of this nation. The ancient architecture, extensive irrigation systems and awe inspiring fortresses built by the country’s forefathers continue to amaze people from around the world and serve as foundations and inspiration for modern construction.

The Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonized Sri Lanka for long years before it claimed its independence in 1948. Even after many decades following their departure, the undeniable impression these nations have left on the Sri Lankan culture is evident, making its even more vibrant and diverse.

Today, Sri Lanka is renowned for many unique offerings. The country is home to the finest quality tea and spices and a top travel destination adorned with breathtaking landscapes, golden beaches, untouched wonders of nature, and a wide variety of religious monuments, great food, unmatched adventure and most importantly endless warmth.

Essential Information

As a tropical country situated just above the equator, Sri Lanka generally offers sunshine throughout the year. The average temperature of the island lies between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius with a steep gradient forming when moving towards the hill country with a reduction of 10 degrees on average. The South-West Monsoon mainly brings on rain during May/June to Colombo and the South and West coasts and the Inter-monsoon during October and early November. The Southeast monsoon brings rain to the North and East between December and February. The Western terrain is usually the wettest part of the region while the North and the East are dryer.

However, the weather in Sri Lanka has become increasingly unpredictable. Therefore, it is best to be equipped to handle both the sun and the rain when visiting Sri Lanka.

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