Qwest Care will assist Customer to provide trustworthy and loyal services and keep company with an affection, making necessary changes and choices to support the well-being of loved ones (Senior) who are not living with the Customer.

There are 4 service packages designed and Customer may select one, if any of them suits to the requirement of the Customer.

In case, designed packages are not suitable, Customer may inform his requirements to Qwest Care and a tailormade package to suit requirements will be arranged.

Qwest Care shall ensure to employee suitable staff members, who understand very well the requirement of the Customer and the Seniors. Two staff member will be allocated to each residence of the Senior.

Customer shall fill the requisition form and submit to Qwest Care and an agent will contact immediately and negotiate on required services.

Qwest Care will sign an agreement with Customer and Customer will make the payment in advance. If the advance payment is for longer period services, a discount is offered.

Customer shall settle the cost of the selected or tailormade package monthly on or before the beginning of each month.

Customer will be eligible for a discount, in case the full payment is made for a longer period at the commencement of the agreement.

Providing Additional Services are not included to Qwest Care service packages. However, Customer or the Senior expect following additional services, Qwest Care extend their services to satisfy customer needs.

Type of Additional Services Offered
a. Fixing Issues Such as Electrical / Plumbing / Telephone / Gas / Mobile / Television or any other technical support
b. Gardening
c. Accompanying Senior to Doctor / Hospital
d. Running Errands such as Collecting Medications and Shopping
e. Provide Transport
f. Arrange Surprises on Birthdays / Anniversary
g. Arrange Spiritual Services
h. Delivering any gift packs
i. Any other requirement of Senior or Customer

a. Customer shall keep a deposit with Qwest Care.
b. Qwest Care staff will accompany required technician or labour to location, evaluate cost of materials and technician / labour charges.
c. Qwest Care will obtain the prior approval from the Customer for these additional services requested by the Customer or the Senior.
d. Qwest Care will obtain the signature of the Senior to acknowledge the services provided are satisfactory.
e. Upon provision bills of technicians, purchase of materials, cost of transport, charges for additional hours of Qwest Care staff and any other expenses, Qwest Care will recover from the deposit.
f. Deposit may be reimbursed by the Customer at his convenience for uninterrupted provision of additional services.
g. In case the Customer has not placed a deposit, the Senior shall settle upon completion of the additional service.