Qwest Care

To Be Your Friend....

Qwest CARE is the newest addition to the Qwest family, a befriending service offering friendship, care and support to those who require companionship and assistance for a variety of reasons.

Many people, at some stage of their lives, may require someone else’s assistance probably due to health conditions, poor mobility or isolation in the absence of children, family or loved ones around. The desperate need during these times are someone whom you can trust and rely on to provide necessary support, companionship they ought to receive.

With this newest addition, Qwest CARE now offers you, through a number of packages to choose from, the services you require for your parents, family members, friends or loved ones to enjoy!

“ You really can change the World if you Care Enough ”

Our Journey

Qwest is a household name in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in Sri Lanka. Began in 2005, Qwest’s first venture, Qwest Destinations is one of the prominent entities specialized in inbound and outbound travel, operating tours to over 40 destinations in the world. As of 2020, Qwest Destinations prides to have taken over 10,000 travelers on-board to various parts of the world.

Qwest launched Qwest CARE in 2020 taking another leap in the industry by launching the first ever Companion Care service in Sri Lanka providing care, companionship and love to the ones you care for.